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Buondonno Campo ai Ciliegi
Campo ai Ciliegi I.G.T. Toscana

"Campo ai Ciliegi" or "The Cherry Field" takes its name from the small vineyard of Syrah grapes which has a line of wild cherry trees running along its top edge.

Syrah is the predominant grape in the wine but there are also Merlot and Sangiovese in variable amounts according to the vintage. The fermentation is carried out in steel vats with a medium-long period on the skins after which it is immediately transferred into 225 and 300 litre barriques where the malolactic fermentation takes place and the wine ages for 15-18 months.

The wine is ruby red tending towards violet and the fragrance combines the aromas of cherry, violets, fresh pepper, tobacco and cinnamon. The taste is rich and complex with usually soft, delicate and balanced tannins. The aftertaste is lingering and persistent.

Technical details

Campo ai Ciliegi I.G.T. Toscana 2008

Grape varieties:
70% syrah, 20% merlot, 10% sangiovese.
Harvesting: by hand in small boxes. Harvesting begins in the last week of September for Syrah and Sangiovese; end of August for Merlot.
in steel tanks for 20 days with repeated pressing, pumping and déléstage.
Malolactic fermentation and ageing:
in 225 and 300 litre French oak barriques from Allier, half new and half second passage. In wood for 16 months.
Bottling: May 2011.
Number of bottles: 1.500 Bordolese.
Refining: minimum six months in bottles.

Analytical data (*):

alcohol 14,0%
Total acidity 5,60
Volatile acidity 0,50
Ph 3,42
Freed SO2 24
Total SO2 48

(*) Average data