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The Farm

The farm known as Casavecchia alla Piazza appears clearly on the maps of the “Capitani di Parte Guelfa” in 1549 and is marked as the “place of Lionardo Buonarroti”, nephew to Michelangelo.
From the letters that passed between the uncle - 74 years old and living in Rome - and his nephew, we learn that the farm was bought by Michelangelo and that even then the wine they produced already had an excellent reputation: “ I would rather have two barrels of Trebbiano than eight shirts” Michelangelo writes to Lionardo,  adding that he needs them as a gift for the Pope.

We – Gabriele Buondonno and Valeria Sodano – are originally from Naples and we are both agronomists. We bought the farm in 1988 and since then we have dedicated ourselves to agriculture, putting all our energy and determination into creating a small farm where we use organic methods to produce quality wines whilst also offering people the chance to spend their holidays in close contact with the natural world.

The farm is in the Chianti hills, halfway between Florence and Siena, and is surrounded by woods, vineyards and olive groves. It covers approximately 20 hectares, of which 8 are vineyards and 4 are olive groves, while the remainder is woodland and pasture.
Right from the start we were attracted towards the use of organic methods as they seemed then, and still do now, to be the best way to “tiptoe” into this environment without upsetting the existing balance of nature.

Since 1989 we have been members of an organisation known as Coordinamento Toscano Produttori Biologici ( Tuscan Organic Farmers) – www.ctpb.it – one of the first organic farming associations to be created in Italy. Our registration number is 17. In 1995, together with a group of small Tuscan and Piedmont organic farmers, we founded the Trimillii Association - Wine Grower Friends  – www.trimillii.it  . Today the association has matured into a Consortium which participates in wine fairs and events linked to our sector, as well as experimenting new ways to promote our products and share our ideas.